Artwork Guidelines

Put your own design on a token

We make customization as simple as possible: from initial sketches to final realization of your design. Just email your logo and instructions and we’ll do the rest. If you just have an idea of what you’re thinking – sketch it on a piece of paper and fax it to 859-231-7108. Our talented artists will render the image for you and send you a proof.

Artwork Requirements

  • Providing vector artwork will minimize art charges and produce the best finished product.
  • Vector file extensions typically are .AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS or .CDR (Corel Draw).
  • All fonts must be outlined.
  • .JPG, .BMP, .TIF, .GIF, and .PSD files must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • No Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint and Publisher or Quark files will be accepted.

Artwork Charges

Simplify your project by having Van Brook's experts prepare your artwork. We offer typesetting, touch up and photo conversion.

Typeset and send paper proof $25 (1 or 2 sides)
Clean up low-resolution digital files and add curved copy $50 per side
Clean up low-resolution digital files and add curved copy $75 for 2 sides
Re-illustrate photos as coin-ready vector images $100 per side
New design from supplied reference materials $125 per side

Still need help or just a sounding board for what would look the best? Call us toll free at 1-866-764-7036 – we’re happy to assist you.

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