Token FAQ’s

"Is it possible to use a CT Token, in combination with US Quarters in my Self-Serve Bays?"

The answer is yes. With the Slugbuster P-55 Acceptor, the accumulating feature allows you to set this up.

For a Self-Serve Price of $2.00, you can set your Value on the CT Token at $1.00, and set the P-55 to operate when it has accepted 8 Quarters, or when it has accepted 2 Tokens. The Slugbuster P-55 accumulating settings can be changed at any time for Token Values.

"I feel like I’m another branch of the bank – I constantly have to refill my changers with quarters. Can tokens help me?"

Many Self-Serve Bay Operators complain that their Bill Changers are constantly running out of Quarters, and that they are the "Branch Bank" for the neighborhood. "Everyone wants Quarters for the pay phones etc…" Some are now dispensing Tokens only, and others dis¬pense 2 Quarters with 2 Tokens.

"Suppose we run a special for our Customers, offering $10 worth of Tokens for $7.50...Will some Customers buy extra Tokens, hoarding them at the lower price?

Yes, some will. This is what makes such a promotion successful. As long as you have the cash-in-hand, you hope that many Customers do so.

"I want to have an adjustable price for my Automatics. We want to use a CT Electronic Token for security. The regular price for the Automatic Wash will be $6.00. If we wanted to have a special $4.00 on slow days, how would we do this?"

There are two ways to do this. For example: Your Token may or may not have its value in the design. It might say "For Automatic Wash" or simply "Carwash Token". The normal Value/Selling Price is $6.00 each. For your Promotion, you simply change the Selling Price to $4.00.

The second way to do this would be with a $1.00 Value Token. Using the Parker Model 55 Acceptor, you can take advantage of the accumulating feature, and the fact that this can be changed. The normal setting would be for 6 Tokens at $1.00 each. Simply change the accumulating total to 4 Tokens for the Promotion. (The selling price of the Tokens remains $1.00).

"I want to use Electronic Tokens (CT or CTX) with US Quarters in my Self-Serve Bays. My Self-Serve price is $2.50. What is the best way to do this?"

Set the Value and Selling Price of the Token at $2.50. Program the Parker Model 55 for "10 Pulses" operation. Your Customers can use one Token (10 pulses) or 10 Quarters (1 pulse each).

To increase (or decrease) your Self-Serve Price, you simply re-set the "pulse value" with the accumulating feature.

"If we have a Token valued at $1.50 each (Our Self Serve price is $1.50) could we also use the same Token for our Automatics?"

Yes...The Automatics could be set for multiples of the $1.50 Value ($3.00. ..$4.50. ..$6.00. ..$7.50.. .etc.)

Will my Bill Changer operate with Tokens and Quarters?"

The answer is yes, providing you have a Changer with 2 or 3 Hoppers. One or two of the Hoppers would be dispensing Tokens, and the remaining Hoppers would be used for Quarters. Each Hopper has a variable setting for Dispensing Count. The settings are your option, and can be changed as desired.

"I want to have an adjustable price for my Automatic Carwashes. We plan to use a CT Electronic Token for security. The regular Wash will be $7.00. If we wanted to run a special $5.00 on slow days, how could we do this?

The answer would be the Parker Model 55 (normally a dual Coin/Token Acceptor). Leave the Quarter and the Token in their Master Clips, and use the control to shut off the Coin Channel. Set the Acceptor for the $7.00 value, and re-set to $5.00 at any time. Reset to $7.00 at any time.

"We have both Automatics and Self-Serve Bays...What do you think about the idea of using a CT Token with a $1.00 Value, and a CTX Token with a Value of 25 Cents?"

This is a good idea, as long as the Token Value appears on each Token. You don't want to do anything to confuse your Customers. The most important considerations are KEEP IT SIMPLE and PLAN AHEAD…Plan for future price changes, and plan for promotions. It has been reported that the average intelligence level of the U.S. population is about that of a 12-year-old. High school graduates are hardly able to read or write. So your program has to be easily understood. Any veteran Carwash Operator will testify to the fact that Customers tend to ignore or disregard Signs and Instruction Panels. Keep everything simple.

Most Carwash Operators are creative, and promotion minded… With Tokens, the possibilities are unlimited.